Going Virtual: Meet the Lean, Mean Nonprofits of the New Century
(Breakouts I – 9:30 AM)

Speakers: Scott Hollander, KidsVoice; Tom Joseph, Bookminders; Ray Wolfe, Pittsburgh Mercy Health System 
Advances in technology and collaboration are catalyzing a new generation of nonprofits that excel at maximizing impact with minimal overhead.  Meet local nonprofit directors who have built lean organizations by implementing technology or through innovative strategic relationships.  Learn how these thought leaders managed to create their unique organizations.

#Fail No More: How Nonprofits Can “Friend” Social Media
(Breakouts II – 11:00 AM)
Speakers: John Carman, Avenue Design Studios; Kelly Carter Uzzo, Pace School; Ashli Molinero, D.Sc., University of Pittsburgh; Lindsay O’Leary, Mattress Factory Museum
In this session, we will examine the challenges faced by nonprofits in creating and sustaining social media initiatives and projects on low or non-existent budgets.  Learn how to manage these projects without a dedicated social media manager, how to generate leadership and staff buy-in and how to avoid common mistakes.  We’ll discuss success strategies for social media projects and how a nonprofit can be flexible and creative when solving issues that arise.


Lost in Translation: Bridging the Gap between Techie and Non-techie
(Breakouts I – 9:30 AM)
Speakers: Joe Glackin, Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force; Sandy Sturgulewski, Family Resources
For a techie, using a computer is akin to breathing.  For the non-techie, using a computer can be downright painful.  Techies, however, can learn to work with non-techies in such a way that everyone is happier.  Learn about common blunders made by both non-techie users and tech support staff.  Find out how to contain and remedy situations that get out of hand, and how to speak English instead of Geek when working with users.

Worth a Thousand Words: Telling Your Nonprofit Story through Data Visualization
(Breakouts II – 11:00 AM)
Speakers: Tim Cook, The Saxifrage School; Arvind Handu, Visvero; Sherri Titus, Visvero
Does your organization gather data but have trouble turning it into usable information?  How do you turn your data into visuals that successfully tell your nonprofit’s story?  Data visualization to the rescue!  Learn how to locate the information you need, and how to put it in a format that is usable and easily understood by both you and those you report to.  Awesome graphs, pretty dashboard, compelling videos and program outcomes measurement are easy and fun!


The Rules They Are A’-Changing:  Integrated Fundraising Success in the Digital Age
(Breakouts I – 9:30 AM)
Speakers: Donna Myers, TowerCare Technologies; Dan Rossi, Animal Rescue League
Integrated fundraising has been defined as running multiple campaigns across multiple channels.  Additionally, a well-planned integrated fundraising strategy or campaign involves as many stakeholders as possible in the fundraising process.  At this session, we’ll talk about how to plan for your own organization’s integrated fundraising strategy, explain why it is important and give you tips for making everything work.

Everybody Wins: How to Use Game Dynamics to Create Engagement
(Breakouts II – 11:00 AM)
Speaker: Andre Bouchard, Technology In the Arts at Carnegie Mellon University
The number of adults that engage in gaming activities has grown from approximately 9% to 30% in the last 10 years.  By harnessing the power of game dynamics and technology, nonprofits can create a new avenue of engagement.  This session will introduce game dynamics, how they may be implemented through the Internet, devices and augmented reality.